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The colours are chosen; the trends are set. Keep Calm for Autumn/Winter 2016/17!!!

Top 5 basicsCOLOURS!

Still Waters Run Deep….

Strength, tranquillity, calm and stability are the dominant themes in this season’s collections and reflect in the Pantone colour selections. Blue dominates the palette with a Basic and Highlight shade, backed up by a choice of cool or earthy neutrals and pops of highlight colours that give cheer to what would otherwise be a very safe line up. The good news is that there are quite a number of on-trend colours this season that are easy to wear, however fashion forward you are.

Top 5 basics:  

Deep and complex shades provide the backbone of the palette and blur the boundaries between Basic and Highlight.

Pantone ‘Riverside’ is a strong but cool mid-tone blue. It hints at the traditional, but is given a boost of vibrancy by being a shade paler than a true Royal Blue. Look for blue shades that have calmness but some life.   ‘Sharkskin’ is the grey for this year and is mooted as the stability in the palette. A definite mid-grey that virtually goes with every colour in the autumn/winter range, Sharkskin is a contemporary neutral that you can base a wardrobe around and will remain usable in future seasons.

Earth tones give a solid foundation colour and a true autumnal feel, if you are more suited to that part of the colour chart than cool blues and greys. Pantone ‘Potter’s Clay’ is a rich colour and a sophisticated take on a classic tan shade, with orange notes giving an added lift. Another warm shade is ‘Dusty Cedar’, a complicated rose pink that is the sophisticated big sister of last season’s star colour Rose Quartz. ‘Dusty Cedar’ will flatter all skin tones and brighten winter pallor.

The Basics wouldn’t be complete without beige and Pantone ‘Warm Taupe’ is a timeless neutral shade that plays into the stability of this season’s scheme. Like Sharkskin, this is a colour that will be useful for seasons to come and teams up well with all the colours that AW16/17 has to offer. A warm and wearable base colour, look for mink and mocca shades rather than gold and sand.

Pashminas Direct Colour Watch: Cornflower or Sapphire, Pewter or Elephant, Nut, Burnt Orange or Russet, Dusky Rose, Flame Pink, Light Taupe or Mink Beige.

Top 5 highlightsTop 5 highlights: The highlight colours hit all the main colour groups and are classed as the ‘playful’ side of this season’s palette.

Pantone ‘Airy Blue’ is reminiscent of last season’s Serenity and strengthens the blue bias this season. The definite blue of cloudless skies, Airy Blue is another calming colour that brings a sense of lightness and freedom. A winner if paired with Warm Taupe, the daring could team this shade with ‘Lush Meadow’ for a very fashion forward combination. An elegant blue-based green that could be described as Jade, Lush Meadow is a bold shade that is vibrant and sophisticated and is ideally suited for occasion wear or as an accessory ‘pop’ colour.

Adding a sensual touch to the collections, ‘Aurora Red’ is a bold colour that is soft, rich and vibrant. Red is always a classic Autumn/Winter shade and Aurora has a full-bodied earthy quality that is easier to wear than Pillar Box or the other blue-based bright reds. Choose reds with depth rather than flash, to get the look.

A classic autumn shade with an exotic twist, Pantone ‘Spicy Mustard’ is a shade paler than English Mustard and has an extra vibrancy because of it. Yellow is always a difficult colour to wear as a block, but Spicy Mustard has come through strongly this season as an accent shade. If in doubt, keep it in mind for a shoe or bag.

The star turn of the highlight colours is ‘Bodacious’, a  light and bright purple that is full of sass and which is truly unexpected in the autumn colour palette. If this pink based mauve is too much for you, consider the paler versions that drift towards lilac or even taking it a shade darker to a classic purple. Bodacious teams up surprisingly well with most of the palette – our favourite combinations are with Lush Meadow, Aurora or Airy Blue.

Pashminas Direct Colour Watch: Sky Blue or Pale Blue, Jade, Forest or Peacock, Ruby or Blush Red, Saffron Yellow, Violet or Mauve

Pashmina Cashmere & Silk Shawl  Printed Classic Leopard

Pashmina Cashmere & Silk Shawl Printed Classic Leopard

Pashmina Cashmere & Silk Shawl  Printed Classic Cheetah

Pashmina Cashmere & Silk Shawl Printed Classic Cheetah

Pashmina Cashmere & Silk Shawl  Tartan

Pashmina Cashmere & Silk Shawl Tartan

Pashmina Cashmere & Silk Shawl  Houndstooth

Pashmina Cashmere & Silk Shawl Houndstooth

100% Pashmina Cashmere Fine Knit Shawl with Starburst Sequins

100% Pashmina Cashmere Fine Knit Shawl with Starburst Sequins

100% Pashmina Cashmere Shawl with Swarovski Crystals

100% Pashmina Cashmere Shawl with Swarovski Crystals



As always the catwalks for AW16/17 gave food for thought and plenty of trends that will be watered down to wearable levels.
In the season of party wear, velvet was the standout fabric, a welcome fashion boost if you have an old piece tucked away in a drawer. You can wear it crushed, smooth, as a piece, top-to-toe or as kinky boots… Just revel in the sensuality.
That most romantic of necklines, the Sweetheart, was featured by many designers over a range of styles - Balenciaga even created a version by unzipping bomber jackets! If you prefer to cover up, layer over a long-sleeved top or if you dare to bare, let it frame your neckline and décolletage.

Embellishment of classic styles was a recurring theme in the collections. The puffa coat was super-sized for couture, while the classic mac was updated with snake print by Burberry and brocade by Prada. Brocade is another AW16/17 highlight, giving the metallic shimmer to this season with structure and luxurious texture. Ruffles were given a winter touch, used in knits and leather for outdoor wear.
Featured decade: The 1980’s made yet another return.

Featured colour: Lilac, lilac and more lilac!!!!

These are some of our highlights.  

Highlight Animal – This is not the season to avoid an animal print. Whatever suits you goes, so the super-daring can mix and match prints and totally embrace the trend, and the more cautious can add through accessories. Un-leash your wild side! Designers to follow: Givenchy, Calvin Klein, Dolce and Gabbana

Pashminas Direct #STARBUY Pashmina Cashmere & Silk Classic Leopard and Classic Cheetah Print Shawls

 Highlight Check – Checks of all descriptions popped up throughout the collections, with The Prince of Wales coming to the fore. Houndstooth, plaid, gingham and tartan are still fashion forward this season and the longevity of the check makes it a smart buy for winter.
Designer to follow: Victoria Beckham

Pashminas Direct #STARBUY Pashmina Cashmere & Silk Shawl – Tartan – Ancient Buchanan

Highlight Night Sky – Alexander McQueen always brings an interesting and inspirational glamour to this season and this year his gowns are embellished with images of the Night Sky – planets, stars and moons. We have a history of using stars in our hand embroidered pieces and so this is right up our street!

Designer to follow: Alexander McQueen

Pashminas Direct  # STARBUY Pashmina Cashmere & Silk Shawl – ‘Shooting Star’

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