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welcome to Pashminas Direct for high quality, handwoven pashminas

Pashminas Direct are specialists in the supply of high quality pashminas, imported direct from our Nepalese supplier, a handlooming company in Kathmandu. Our product range includes pashmina scarves, pashmina stoles and pashmina shawls, as well as beaded pashminas and a selection of handwoven silk stoles and shawls. An essential classic for any wardrobe, pashminas make thoughtful and original gifts.

Woven by hand from soft pashmina cashmere and fine Chinese silk, our pashminas are superbly soft, light and warm, and are beautifully finished with either hand-tied tassels or hand-threaded pearlescent beads. The composition of our pashminas is approximately 70% pashmina cashmere and 30% Chinese silk.


Eleven hand-embroidered one-off Stoles. Originally sample pieces, these have not been worn or exhibited but were made to our design for our annual selection.

These stoles are identical in quality to our normal range; they have been skillfully hand-dyed, the colours are beautiful and the embroidery delicate. Priced between £39.50 and £44.50 they are excellent value for money.

PDS01- Pashmina & Silk Embroidered Stole
PDS01 - Hand-embroidered Stole with a long tassel fringe.   A one-off in Grey-Silver Birch with delicate embroidery and sequins at the special price of £39.50

PDS05- Pashmina & Silk Embroidered Stole
PDS05 - Stole with a long tassel fringe.   A beautifully embroidered flower adorns this Baby Blue Stole @ £39.50

PDS09- Pashmina & Silk Embroidered Stole
PDS09 - This café-au-lait stole with a long tassel fringe has delicate hand-embroidery with occasional highlights.  Priced at £39.50 it would complement this year's chocolate browns. Please note that the picture shown may look pale pink.  However, this stole is definitely a pale beige colour

PDS11- Pashmina & Silk Embroidered Stole
PDS11 - Stole with a long tassel fringe The hand-embroidered flowers along the edge have black centres.  Price £39.50

PDS13- Pashmina & Silk Embroidered Stole
PDS13 - Pashmina & Silk Stole with long tassel fringe.   The delicate Chinese style embroidery changes plain pashmina into an individual piece.  Special price of £39.50

PDS23- Pashmina & Silk Embroidered Stole
PDS23 - Stole with long tassel fringe.   Small hand-embroidered rosebuds dot this pretty stole in pale pistachio.   Price £39.50

PDS25- Pashmina & Silk Embroidered Stole
PDS25 - Hand-embroidered Stole with short cut fringe.   In a beautiful orange with paler rosebuds scattered over the stole priced at £39.50

PDS78E- Pashmina & Silk Embroidered Stole
PDS78E - This is a very beautiful stole in black.  Instead of tassels the ends have been cut and embroidered with black sequins. Price of £42.50

PDS78S- Pashmina & Silk Embroidered Stole
PDS78S - Hand-embroidered black Stole with cut fringe.   The sides have been cut and decorated with black sequins.  A truly unusual stole.   £44.50

PDSRBD- Pashmina & Silk Embroidered Stole
PDSRBD - Hand-embroidered Stole with cut fringe and small rosebuds here and there.  Pale blue with tonal rosebuds.   Special price of £39.50

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Pashmina shawls also make luxurious throws for a sofa or armchair and are ideal bedspreads. Our pashmina scarves, pashmina stoles, pashmina shawls and silk shawls are available in a wide range of fashionable colours.
The Pashminas Direct collection of pashmina scarves, pashmina stoles and pashmina shawls can be worn for any occasion or used to brighten an interior.
Ideal Presents
Our pashminas make beautiful baby blankets the perfect Christening gift ....
Birthdays, Christmas, Christenings, Anniversaries, Weddings, Mothers' Day, Leaving presents .... whatever the occasion, Pashminas Direct prides itself in delighting its customers.

Gift Vouchers
Can't decide on a colour? Don't want to get it wrong? Gift vouchers are the perfect choice. Contact us by clicking here and we will send you information on our range of Gift Vouchers.

Pashminas Direct can assist in your choice of pashmina scarf, pashmina stole, pashmina shawl or silk shawl for bride and bridesmaids.

Corporate Gifts
Pashminas Direct also specialises in catering for the corporate gift market and is happy to personalise your pashminas as required. Please contact us for further information.

Travelling Light
Pashminas are exceptionally light and fold away to nothing - the perfect travel accessory.

What is Pashmina?
the Hamalayas, Nepal The word pashmina comes from the Nepalese word Pasham which means 'softest wool'. This incredibly fine wool (14-15.5 microns as compared to 75 microns for human hair) comes from the undercoat of the Himalayan mountain goat, called Chyangra in Nepali. This hardy animal lives high up in the mountains, where in winter, extremes of temperature are the norm.
In summer, when the goats no longer need the warmth of their coats, the women carefully comb the soft underbelly of each goat, wash, then hand spin these fibres into yarn. No harm is caused to the goat. The men weave this wonderful wool on looms by hand with Chinese silk for strength and lustre. The material for our pashminas is then hand dyed and dried on the roof-tops in the sun.
Please take a look at the wide range of products we offer and then contact us to order the best quality pashminas available on the world wide web.
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